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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Cannabis Buds?

Cannabis is one of nature’s most extraordinary gifts to humanity. You can smoke it, vape it or even cook with it. But are you sure you are harnessing the full potential out of your cannabis buds?

If you look a marijuana flower up close, you will notice that it is coated with inconspicuous resin glands. These tiny crystals are what makes your buds sticky to touch. But that’s not all there is to it: Kief -also called pollen or dry sift- is where the cannabis plant produces most of its THC!

Even though they might not look like much, these particles are where all the magic happens. It is what puts the “dank” into “dank buds.” Due to its high potency, kief is very popular with experienced marijuana connoisseurs, who use it for hash making, smoking and vaping.

Even though there are hundreds of smoking accessories on the market, many people still use makeshift kief tools to scrape the pollen out of their grinder compartment.

Keefer Scraper is a metal kief pollen scraper that can help you sweep and collect kief efficiently. Save all the resin that falls off your buds and breathe new life into your cannabis experience!

What is Kief?

Scientifically speaking, kief is the powder made from the dried trichomes that produce cannabinoids and terpenes on the surface of the cannabis plant As a result, kief has a large concentration of psychoactive THC, the substance that causes the euphoric feelings of cannabis. Even the word itself comes from the Arabic word kayf, meaning bliss.

In nature resin glands (trichomes) are used as part of the cannabis plant’s immune system. By secreting odors, they repel predatory animals, and their psychoactive properties can disorient a potential threat. Although THC is not very pleasant to insects, it produces the effects we all know and love on humans. And kief is where we can find it in its purest form!

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Why Use Keefer Scraper?

There are many ways to collect the kief from the cannabis flower. However, the easier one is via the use of a good old grinder. Anything you do, avoid breaking up the buds with your fingers, as you will waste all the good stuff. Most quality herb grinders come with an integrated compartment to collect pollen. When you break up your buds, the kief gets separated from the flower and ends up there.

Even though a lot of top-shelf grinders come with some type of scraping tool out of the box, the quality is usually sub-par. Included kief scrapers are often made out of plastic and are not suitable for larger amounts of kief. Therefore, using a metal kief scraper instead is recommended if you want to gather 100% of your built-up pollen.

Made out of stainless steel, Keefer Scraper is both durable and large enough to make collection easy. Due to its superior construction, Keefer Scraper can clear up a grinder compartment much quicker than the standard tool.

Using Keefer Scraper

Keefer Scraper is conveniently designed for maximum efficiency. Use the pointy edge to reach all corners and crevices of your grinder. Once you have scraped all the kief, use the flat end that looks like a shovel to pile up and collect it. The whole process is even simpler in grinders with deeper pollen compartments since you can collect even more kief without fear of overflowing.

How to Use Keefer Scraper

How to Use Kief

There are countless ways to use kief. You can mix it with cannabis into a joint or put in a dry herb vaporizer. Kief is also the primary ingredient for making hash, so it is entirely possible to make your own batch.

Also, due to its high potency, just a little of it can be used to make cannabutter and oil for THC-infused edibles. Finally, you can also use your kief to make moon rocks. The possibilities are endless. Discover them all with Keefer Scraper!

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